2023 will be HUGE for Pokemon Card Investments

2023 is off to a great start for the Pokemon card market. The most stable time in Pokemon history for the past 3 years which means it’s the best time to buy your cards or investment pieces. As the year progresses and as supply dries up at these prices, don’t be surprised to see record prices once again. It might not turn into a bull market (or maybe it will) but I expect to see 10% growth at the minimum on modern sealed ETB and Booster Boxes. I expect to see the same for Vintage graded cards that are either 1st Editions, high demand or low pop.

It will be a slow growth until after tax season. Once May hits and the summer begins, Pokemon is going to explode. Expect to see an overall uptrend through the second week of November and then taper off as always.

These are just my speculations and are not to be taken as financial advice.



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  1. Curious as what you’re basing your assumptions on? Specifically the 10% increase and the seasonal bumps in may and November? Is there a source you can share that I can reference?

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