Kanto Shark Grade n’ Sell Terms, Conditions & Fees

Kanto Shark Grade n’ Sell Terms, Conditions & Fees

By Grading n’ Selling your cards through our new service at Kanto Shark, you are agreeing to these Terms, Conditions and Fees. We accept only Pokemon cards. We currently only grade at CGC. Items must be approved by our team via Instagram or email prior to Grading n’ Selling with Kanto Shark. Photos are required. Grading Fees are taken up front. 

This service allows you to send your raw cards to us, we’ll get them graded at CGC and then sold via our Marketplace. By submitting through this service, it is understood that all cards will be sold and not returned to the customer. We will payout once all items have been graded and sold. 

Our rates are below, are subject to change and can be also found here: https://www.kantoshark.com/sell

Effective: July 2023 – current. Regular consignment rates apply during the selling phase. 

  • $17 per card for 25 cards graded at CGC + regular consignment rates
  • $16 per card for 50 cards graded at CGC + regular consignment rates 
  • $15 per card for 100+ cards graded at CGC + regular consignment rates
By using the Kanto Shark Grade n’ Sell Service, you are agreeing to the understanding that grading takes 60 business days. There will be zero status updates on your submission during that 60 day time. We will update you when the cards are back at Kanto Shark from grading in order to price them out before selling. By submitting to this service, it is of utmost importance that you understand this. 

Consignment Fee plus an additional $3 per item if the item sells at or under $100. By grading n’ selling 100 or more items, you lock in the 8% rate when sold. By actively subscribing to our Instagram $10 monthly Membership, you lock in our 10% fee. Consignors must price their submission once it’s done grading. $3 per item fee if Kanto Shark prices out your graded and consigned items. All shipments will accrue a one-time $5 handling fee upon payout.  

Specials: When a special is live for consignment rates, that special applies for only new submissions. Our current special, as stated above, is 100 or more items consigned will lock in the 8% rate. Raw cards are not included in this special. Only Graded Cards, Loose or Graded Packs and Booster Boxes.


Cash-Out Payment Delivery: Kanto Shark LLC shall be entitled to the designated Grading and Consignment Fee percentage of the full purchase price of each collectible sold and any additional fees that may apply. Payout will be provided by Paypal Goods and Services, F/F, Zelle, Venmo or Wise (for international consignors only). Payouts exceeding $5,000 are via Bank Wire. All payout, transfer, processing or bank fees are paid by the consigning client. Payouts will be during final week of each month or on the 16th of each month by request. To expedite the payout, it is an additional $25 fee. All payment processing fees, conversion fees and other related fees will be paid by the consignor at the time of payout.

Right and Title: All collectibles submitted must be in our possession. That means, all items must be shipped to us. However, you keep ownership of the collectibles until sold. Kanto Shark LLC nor any associated party is responsible for lost or damaged property while in transit to our vault until the package is in our hands and confirmation message has been sent. We highly recommend you insure your shipment when you ship to our PO Box.

Consignment List and Pricing: The consignment list and prices are set by the submitter and are included during the online submission form process. If prices are not included on this, we price items based on current market value and you will be charged $3 per item to price. By not including pricing, you give up the right to pricing your items and therefore agree to the prices set by Kanto Shark LLC and the fee that comes along with it. Price discounts or updates are allowed once per calendar month by request. Changes must be applied with $5 increments or higher.  

Consignment Insurance: Kanto Shark LLC shall maintain insurance coverage that shall be sufficient to compensate the owner of each collectible in the event of fire, theft or otherwise. We do not cover damage during shipment to Kanto Shark. We recommend you insure your shipments. If cards arrive to us damaged, you agree that Kanto Shark takes zero responsibility. Fortuitous events such as acts of God are not covered and no party shall be held liable by which neither party is at fault.

Items Unsold: All items unsold after 60 days will be returned to the owner by request or will remain on our Marketplace until sold. Return shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the owner and to be paid by them. Items requested back sooner than 60 days will accrue a $3 fee per item. 

We are not responsible for loss after the items have been received by the shipping provider. We do not guarantee sales or estimate dates in which items will be sold by. We do not price out submissions until they are in our vault.

By consigning through Kanto Shark, you agree to all Terms, Conditions and Fees stated above. Please review before submitting. All submissions are final. All rates apply once the form is submitted despite future rate changes.

Once the Grade n’ Sell Form is completed, it’s time to ship your cards to us.

This Kanto Shark Grade n’ Sell Terms, Conditions and Fees applies to all submissions beginning July 2023 – current day. These are subject to change. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Grade n’ Sell Service by Kanto Shark, please submit a request here: www.kantoshark.com/contact-us-page 

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