Kanto Shark is EXPANDING!

That’s right. Kanto Shark, The Ultimate Marketplace is expanding.

We’ve added an offer option for all Vintage Graded Cards. Want to be the master negotiator? You came to the right place. Submit offers on cards you like and you just might get them!

New, high value or popular consignments will receive professional photos for social media and google marketing uses. More eyes on your cards means more and faster sales.

Bank Transfers are now available for purchases $3,000 and up. This saves you transaction fees on checkout.

We are launching a new category for RAW CARDS! Keep your eyes peeled as we upload our brand new inventory.

Want to consign through Kanto Shark and get your Pokemon cards sold? Contact us today for more information and to get the process started. We just need a list or photos of which cards you want to sell *Pokemon Only*, get approved, fill out our online submission form and then you are ready to ship. Once cards arrive, it takes a few business days to process and get them live. Payouts are last business week of each month. That’s the Kanto Shark Consignment Service in a nutshell.


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