New Consignment Rates

It’s the start of 2023 and it’s time for new consignment rates to sell your Pokemon cards through Kanto Shark’s Marketplace.

Our website is currently average 1,000+ views per day which means 2,000 views of your items for sale. That’s huge! Below are the consignment rates:

20% for cards under $250

16% for cards over $250

12% for cards over $2,500

I am accepting Graded Pokemon Cards and Sealed Product over $50 in value. You must message us on Instagram or Email me to get items approved first before submitting. Once cards are shipped to us, they’ll be listed within a few business days on

Payouts are the final business day of each month. If you want to expedite the payout process, it will be an additional $25 fee.


Email me to submit cards at:

Instagram Message me here:

The submission form to consign and sell your cards is located here:

Look forward to working with you and getting your Pokemon collectible items sold!

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