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Kanto Shark Consignment Rates 🦈

Dedicated to the Pokémon Community and Selling Your Pokémon Items!

How’s it work?

Get your items approved. Send me a message @kantoshark or email (Sales@KantoShark.com) to get your collectibles approved. Pictures preferred or a spreadsheet.

Approved? Print, fill out and include submission form when you ship. Submission form is found at KantoShark.com/Sell or I can also link it directly.

Once items are received, they’ll be listed on KantoShark.com within a few business days.

Only graded cards, booster packs or boxes are accepted. Items must be valued at $50 or higher.

Rates are as follows:

• under $250 – 20% of Sale Price

• $250 – $2,500 – 16% of Sale Price

• over $2,500 – 12% of Sale Price

Special: 50+ Items Locks in 12% or you can become an Instagram subscriber for $10 per month via my profile @kantoshark to capture the 12% Consignment Rate

All shipments are to be sent to this PO box and this box ONLY. This is also included on our website and on the submission form:

Please don’t forget the submission form in your package when you ship or you can email us:



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