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Kanto Shark Consultation Rates 🦈

Dedicated to the Pokémon Community and Helping You Navigate the More Complicated and Knowledge Based Parts of the Hobby. My hope is to minimize # of inquiries and maximize quality of direction and information available.

*Disclaimer: All general knowledge has and will always be free. I do not provide financial advice. This service is for deeper, more in-depth questions.

How’s it work?

  1. Message me @kantoshark or email (Sales@KantoShark.com) with your inquiry.

What are the common consultation calls?

  • Market Price for your entire collection or inventory
  • Starting your own TCG business
  • Social Media Growth inside Collectibles Hobby
  • Website versus Social Media Sales Data
  • Is this card worth grading?
  • What will this card grade?
  • Upgrading lower graded cards
  • In-Depth Market Questions and Education
  • Etc. Just ask.

Rates are as follows:

• $10 Single – Response via Instagram or Email for single cards or specific questions

• $50 – 30 Minute Call

• $75 – 60 Minute Call

Special: All Monthly Shark Members have this for free.

*Again, all general knowledge questions or inquiries have been and will always be welcomed and of course for free.

Geared to more serious clients chasing experience and to learn more.

Look forward to speaking with you and helping the Pokémon Card Hobby continue to grow, evolve and level up.

Book your appointment below. I have availability Monday-Thursdays. Thank you!


You can reach out to me any time here:


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