Kanto Shark is EXPANDING!

That’s right. Kanto Shark, The Ultimate Marketplace is expanding. We’ve added an offer option for all Vintage Graded Cards. Want to be the master negotiator? You came to the right place. Submit offers on cards you like and you just might get them! New, high value or popular consignments will receive professional photos for social […]

How to invest in Pokemon cards

The three reasons to invest in Pokemon cards are: Rarity, Popularity and Limited Availability. It is not uncommon for people to invest in collectibles, including Pokémon cards, in the hopes of realizing a profit in the future. However, it is important to note that investing in Pokémon cards, or any collectible, carries inherent risks and […]

Buy and Sell Pokemon Cards through our Marketplace

We specialize in providing a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling Pokemon cards. Vintage, Modern and Sealed, we want you to be the best there ever was! Brand New Inventory to add to your Pokemon Card Collection every week. To sell your cards, please visit the link below. Our fees and process and everything you […]

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